Greg Cumming, is the Founder and President of Priority One International. He is the author of several books mainly focused on the Kingdom of God.

He has a background in both business and ministry, where he was the founding director of Mission Educate (, the Literacy Program, Kingdom Festival and Senior Pastor of King’s Church on the Gold Coast, Australia (

On 5 March 2017, in response to a word from the Lord, Greg resigned all his former positions to take a more direct role in the preparation of the world for the Lord’s return with a specific focus on governments.

He believes that this focus is to call on nations to align with the Kingdom of God before the Lord returns by implementing the following 3 steps.

  1. Host a 4-day Kingdom Conference to be attended by members of government, bankers, business & professionals and interested people.
  2. Discuss the implementation of 12 key strategies which may challenge current constitutional foundations but will open up each participating nation to the blessing of God.
  3. Showcase the Kingdom Suite – which includes constitutional consultancy, inclusive governmental guidance, banking & finance, health, literacy & education, agriculture, science & technology, trade and prayer.

Priority One International was established to this end – to bring governments into alignment with the Kingdom of God before the return of the Lord.